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The Board has laid down the Code of Conduct for all Board members and senior management of the Company. All the Board members and senior personnel shall affirm compliance with the code on an annual basis. The annual report of the Company shall contain a declaration to this effect.


This Code of Conduct shall be applying to all the Directors, Managers and other persons occupying the positions at managerial level in the Organization.

  Ethical and Honest Conduct

Directors and Managers shall adhere to the high quality of compliance with the Code of Conduct so framed. They all shall work to the best of their capability and judgmental power. All the qualities like honesty, reliability and accountability must be developed in the environment for efficient working of Organization.

  Confidentiality of Information

Directors and Senior Managerial persons and all those occupying the positions at management level or below one level of the Board shall ensure the full secrecy of the confidential information within the Organization. They shall keep the confidentiality of the price sensitive information in the course of their duties.


Directors and Senior Managers shall declare information about the relatives (Children, spouse, parents) employed in the Company.


Directors and managers shall not indulge themselves in to the activities which are in conflict with the interest of the Company.

  Directors and senior managers shall ensure that they use the company's assets, properties and services for official purposes only or as per the terms of appointment.
  Violation of Code of Conduct

Any violation in respect of the code will be viewed as serious. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final in case of any violation is committed. Any loss due to such violation shall be indemnified by the violator.


No one will be allowed to make the waiver from any of the conditions specified in the policy so framed under the Code, unless express approval has been made by the Board of Directors of the Company.

  Obeying of Code

Company shall always strive to obey the Law, Bye- Laws, Rules and Regulation framed by the statutory authorities in letter and spirit.

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