ABOUT US - Corporate Social Responsibility

  Towards Employee

Our Organization has continuously serving the community by providing the employment to a large number of people. Moreover the Company is dedicating towards the interest of society by providing facilities to workers, employees of the Company.

The health of the employee is of great importance for achieving this Company is providing the services of specialists free of cost.

  Towards nature and Environment

Company is contributing to the environment by creating the atmosphere eco- friendly. Trees and plants are not only planted but also preserved and maintained in the city with proper care and attention.

The management of the Company is also maintaining and running a Park within the City for the benefit of children. This park is in the heart of the city and spread over a large area. They are also Environment conscious so many trees and plants are planted there which provides the environment friendly atmosphere.

  Towards Society

Apart from above Amarpuri Public School is being run by the management in rural area of Punjab in Goindwal Sahib, Dist Taran Taran. This School provides the best and advanced technology for teaching and for benefits of the students.

Management of this Company having contribution in maintaining the “Pingla Ghar” in Jalandhar. The Pingla Ghar family provides care and shelter to the abandoned, crippled, destitute, invalids, disabled, handicapped, orphans and the mentally retarded without discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed or religion.

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